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Lawrence & Co.

Accountants. Auditors. Tax Advisors. Consultants.

Our Heritage

Our decades of experience give us advantage over other professional accountants who are new in the profession.  We have strong relationships with leading Financial Advisors, Banks, and Solicitors to connect your business to the right people.

Our Mission

We work hard to be the best Accountants within our market segment. We give you a fixed quote for your entire accountancy service, lasting a period of 12 months. We have no hidden costs.



When working with clients, we strive to make a difference and deliver on our promises. We will handle all communications to HM Revenue & Customs and Company House on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your business.



Fixed Quote

Building Connections


Money Saved

Efficient time-Scale

No Late Fees

Payable Monthly

Accounts Manager Right

Attitude and Compassion